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Convert Video to Data

Our goal is to streamline data processing for our clients by automating data transcription so that traffic surveys are processed to the same high standards by maintaining a highly accurate service with faster processing times. We provide excel based reports with traffic flow directional diagrams and site location maps.

Processing data from junction turning counts which are often referred to as manual classified counts are a cornerstone service of the traffic survey industry. IDASO uses its SmarterCounting software in combination with our Global Team platform to convert extract data from video files. Our system can process the turning movement counts of all types and sizes from small T-junctions to large multi approach roundabouts. We process junction counts at both priority and signalised junctions, for all time durations and in any classification scheme specified by the client. Our solution enables us to count pedestrians in all types of conditions, from scenarios where there are simple pedestrian crossings to processing the heavy volumes exiting stadia. We can also breakdown the classification of pedestrians/NMU’s to the specification of our clients.





Idaso has developed a unique algorithmic approach to counting and classifying moving objects from CCTV. The software counts and tracks objectives and extracts and classifies these objects. In order to guarantee moving through an image, but also identifies times of low confidence where there may have been absolute accuracy these classified vehicles are then manually verified. Each vehicle image extracted this is tied to a time and date stamp meaning that there is an empirical audit trail in order to guarantee absolute accuracy.


We correlate the data collected through the Smarter Counting system quickly and easily with other data bases.


Unlike sensor based techniques, CCTV based surveys provide a verifiable record that can be checked at any point in time.


Our partner companies can install temporary self-powering CCTV equipment with minimal notice at multiple locations.



 Timeline Verification

Timeline Verification



Global Team


In order to assist in accelerating the speed of turnaround times for surveys we decided to address the capacity issue by developing Global Team. This is a crowdsourced labour force that enables traffic data collection firms upload their video footage to a platform where trained personnel from anywhere in the world can extract the data using SmarterCounting. This brings the benefits of scalability, project management and quality control to the process. 





Automated Traffic Counting


Using machine vision to automate the process of counting traffic for temporary surveys has been a natural progression for Idaso. We have taken an incremental approach to this challenge and currently have developed a solution that yields 98% plus accuracy in circumstances where the camera type, angle and height are optimised. We are now developing this further so that it is robust enough to operate in suboptimal conditions on a large range of junction types. 



Smarter counting


SmarterCounting is a computer aided counting software. It enables the enumerator to use a games controller to count and classify traffic by direction. The software automatically writes the data to an excel sheet and creates a vehicle flow diagram with junction location map in word. The net result is that there is no more pausing to write down tally counter readings, type data or create location maps. Enumerate also has an inbuilt verification system to ensure consistent accuracy. Our clients have said that their enumerators are able to get through between 20% and 30% more work. On top of this the exported data is easily customisable to the format required by the end user.


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