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IDASO (Innovative Data Solutions) is a pioneer in the area of services and software driven data analysis, supported by computer vision technology. Predominantly supporting the Traffic & Transportation analysis industries to date, IDASO have developed a suite of software services and platform to collect, process, analyze and store up to date and real-time crucial data for their clients in a more effective streamlined manner. We work with and help organizations, from government authorities, engineering firms and down to young start-ups, understand and improve their services or business by leveraging the inherent value of their data. We work with our clients to encourage adaption of Video Intelligence analysis to gather insightful facts, figures, movements and patterns relative to their customer’s needs. The results from the analysis gives our clients the benefit of putting logical implementation plans and actionable infrastructure strategies in place to improve plans, processes, operational inefficiencies and future services for continued support & growth. 





Data Collection Services

IDASO's fieldwork teams manage the installation of data collection equipment for both long and short-term survey projects. Operating predominantly in Ireland and the UK but they have also worked on larger projects further afield such as a recent example in Bahrain.

Data Processing Services

The company is also the owner of GlobalTeamCounting.com a Data Processing and Analysis Platform that combines the automation of video based data extraction with a crowdsourced labour force for manual data extraction/collation tasks. This is an internationally traded service where clients upload videos our human intelligence tasks to the be processed.

Retail Analytics

Leveraging the company’s core competencies in image analysis, we offer a range of data collection services and solutions for gauging customer engagement and improving targeting strategies.


Idaso has a number of bespoke machine vision solution operating in industrial processes.



Traffic Data Collection

 IDASO Data Collection provide a range of traffic data collection services from turning counts to origin destination surveys. 

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Traffic Counter Verification, Manual Turning Counts, Pedestrians Counts, Queue Length Observations.         

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IDASO has developed a unique algorithmic approach to counting and classifying moving objects from CCTV.     

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