HIgh Quality traffic data from video

IDASO has spent the last 6 years developing a system based on neural networks to automatically count and classify traffic from video. We know that quality counts, and that is why we have developed a comprehensive quality control system to ensure the accuracy of your data. Our automated system identifies areas of high and low confidence, areas of low confidence are manually verified as are random samples through out high confidence areas.

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Frequently ask Questions

How long does it take to turnaround our data?

Typically three working days from when the video files are uploaded.

Do I need to have a particular type of camera?

No, our system is camera agnostic.

What format is the data returned to me in?

An excel report is generated as well as an iaf. file.

Can I complete further analysis on my data?

Yes, you can load the iaf. file into the purpose built “Analyser” to extract key insights such as peak hours, view data in flow tables, export graphs and much more.

What if my video footage is of poor quality or not at a good angle?

We recognise that we dont live in a perfect world, and the ideal camera position isn’t always available, with our system, if you can see the vehicle from the starting to finishing point then we can count it.

Data Analysis made easy

Every survey processed through our system can be viewed through Smarter Counting’s Analyser 2.0 which has features specifically built to be a traffic engineers best friend when analysing survey data. Thanks to extensive input from traffic engineers our developers identified some of the major pain points around processing traffic data, from the simple reformatting of data so it is compatible with varying traffic models to applying growth factors for differing scenarios that a project may present.

  • Build Network Diagram to display vehicle flows

  • Apply Growth Factors

  • Reformat origins to match your traffic model

  • Output data in a range of customisable reports

  • Data Visualisations such a distribution charts