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IDASO (Innovative Data Solutions) is a pioneer in the area of data collection services and software driven data analysis, supported by computer vision technology. Predominantly supporting the Traffic & Transportation Data Collection industries to date, IDASO have developed a suite of software services and platform to collect, process, analyze and store up to date and real-time crucial data for their clients in a more effective streamlined manner. .We work with and help organisations, from government authorities, engineering firms and down to young start-ups, understand and improve their services or business by leveraging the inherent value of their data. We work with our clients to encourage adaption of "Computer Vision"  analysis to gather insightful facts, figures, movements and patterns relative to their customer’s needs. The results from the analysis gives our clients the benefit of putting logical implementation plans and actionable infrastructure strategies in place to improve plans, processes, operational inefficiencies and future services for continued support & growth. 

          Artificial Intelligence Empowering Traffic & Transport Data Analysis

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Our mission, that which gets us out of bed in the morning and makes us passionate about the work we do, is to put our technology at work for you! We want to maximise each moment for ourselves in how we live and work, for our clients and how they conduct their businesses efficiently. We are explorers and pioneers, looking for new and better ways to live, work and enjoy life. We are an owner managed company and take a personal pride as well as responsibility for everything we do. This is a people business, aimed at helping to make life easier and simpler for our clients. Idaso has been built on strong technical ability, and our main focus is “what benefit our Technology  & Services can achieve for you”

                                                                                                                                                               Founder & Managing Director: Ian Kerr


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Idaso (Innovative Data Solutions) was founded to create free flowing data to enable free flowing cities. Our Smart cities software solutions are used in Europe, North America and Asia to gather and add value to traffic and transportation data. Traffic and planning consultants use this insight to design safer roads, ease traffic congestion and provide a healthier urban environment for all citizens.

We believe accurate timely data is central to achieving this aim, this is why we first turned our attention to the temporary traffic data collection industry. Our first step was to optimise the existing manual counting process. To do this we developed "SmarterCounting" a computer aided optimised software solution that has moved traffic counting away from tally counters, pencil and paper to using a games controller to count and classify traffic and automatically compile the data into excel reports with turning movement diagrams. SmarterCounting has an inbuilt verification system that provides the manual classified count industry with the first truly auditable quality control process guaranteeing accuracy of the data provided.

In order to assist in accelerating the speed of turnaround times for surveys we decided to address the capacity issue by developing Global Team. This is a crowdsourced labour force that enables traffic data collection firms upload their video footage to a platform where trained personnel from anywhere in the world can extract the data using SmarterCounting. This brings the benefits of scale ability, project management and quality control to the process.