Urban Intelligence Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Urban Intelligence Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to our site, while you’re here you should check out our traffic data management platform Global Team Plus. It makes it easier to store, share and analyse the results of your traffic surveys
— Ian Kerr CEO

About us

Idaso (Innovative Data Solutions) was founded to create free flowing data to enable free flowing cities. Our Smart cities software solutions are used in Europe, North America and Asia to gather and add value to traffic and transportation data. Traffic and planning consultants use this insight to design safer roads, ease traffic congestion and provide a healthier urban environment for all citizens.

We believe accurate timely data is central to achieving this aim, this is why we first turned our attention to the temporary traffic data collection industry. Our first step was to optimise the existing manual counting process. To do this we developed "SmarterCounting" a computer aided optimised software solution that has moved traffic counting away from tally counters, pencil and paper to using a games controller to count and classify traffic and automatically compile the data into excel reports with turning movement diagrams. SmarterCounting has an inbuilt verification system that provides the manual classified count industry with the first truly auditable quality control process guaranteeing accuracy of the data provided.

In order to assist in accelerating the speed of turnaround times for surveys we decided to address the capacity issue by developing Global Team. This is a crowdsourced labour force that enables traffic data collection firms upload their video footage to a platform where trained personnel from anywhere in the world can extract the data using SmarterCounting.

Our most recent software release GlobalTeamPlus  has been built to be an engineer's best friend when analysing traffic survey data. Thanks to extensive input from traffic engineers our developers identified some of the major pain points around processing traffic data, from the simple reformatting of data so it is compatible with varying traffic models to applying growth factors for differing scenarios that a project may present. By importing the "mvt." output file from SmarterCounting (provided through Global Team Kick & Catch) an in depth analysis of data and flexible output reporting can be accomplished.

Using machine vision to automate the process has been a natural progression for Idaso. The temporary nature of traffic surveys has meant that no two surveys are the same. Influencing factors such as camera angles, the weather, lighting conditions and the plethora of cameras and recording equipment used by the industry combined make each survey unique and therefore a universal solution to automation has remained elusive. Idaso have taken an incremental approach to this challenge and currently have developed a solution that yields 98% plus accuracy in circumstances where the camera type, angle and are optimised. We are now developing this further so that it is robust enough to operate in sub-optimal conditions.


                                                                    ThisTraffic Data Management Platform enables the storing and sharing of data, visualisations of data, network diagrams and formating tools. All this is Crowdsourced workforce ready and waiting to process data for you.                               



                                                                                Traffic Counter Verification, Manual Turning Counts, Pedestrians Counts, Queue Lenght Observations.                                                   Read more

Automated Traffic Counting

Idaso has developed a unique algorithmic approach to counting and classifying moving objects from CCTV.                                                   Read more

Urban Intelligence Powered by Artificial Intelligence